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  Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Institutional Research at Kent State University is the central office for information and planning resources. IR analyzes data and utilizes strategic planning and process improvement methods to enhance the performance and effectiveness of all levels of the University.
IR Secure Data
IR secure data needs flashline authentication and access rights to different set of data.
   Provost Dashboard
   Provost Measures
   15th Day Statistics
   Diversity Scorecard
   Income Generation Model (IGM)
   RCM Revenue Model
   Newly Admitted Tracking System
   New Graduate Students
   Mid-Term Grades
   Pathfinder Workbooks
   KC Performance Dashboard
IR Reports
IR reports are open to all. There is no authentication required.
   Difficult Courses
   Grade Distribution
   Major Movement
   Course Enrollment
   Student Enrollment
   Degree Awarded
   Longitudinal Study - FR
   Longitudinal Study - TR
   Longitudinal Study - GM
   Longitudinal Study - GD
   Distance Learning